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First Nations consultations on implementation of the Carbon Credit (ACCU) review

We would like to invite you to a First Nations consultation workshop next week on the implementation of the Carbon Credit (ACCU) Review. This workshop is an important opportunity for First Nations people and representatives of Indigenous organisations to discuss changes being implemented by the Australian Government as a result of recommendations from the independent review.

Workshop attendees  

We are inviting First Nations people, or nominated representative from an Indigenous Traditional Owner group representing First Nations interests. We want to hear from Native Title registrants and/or claimants with a carbon project registered by a third party on their Country, particularly where the project was registered without your consent. We would like to hear from First Nations people and representatives from Indigenous groups about how Indigenous “proponent-led” carbon method design can be supported as well as those keen to have a say on the implementation of the ACCU Review itself.

Times and registration details 

There are three opportunities to join us next week. We encourage you to register for the workshop in your region, however if you're unable to attend please join another session. Each session will cover the same topics; please attend just one workshop.  

North Western Region (NT/WA) 

Eastern Region (Qld/NSW/ACT) 

Southern Region (SA/VIC/TAS) 

Monday 14 August, 1-3pm ACST (NT time), 11:30am–1:30pm AWST (WA time)

Tuesday 15 August, 10:30am-12:30pm AEST Friday 18 August, 10am-12pm AEST, 9:30-11:30am ACST (SA time)

Register via button:

Register via button:

Register via button:


Over the last 12 months, the Government has reviewed Australia’s carbon credit industry to improve governance, integrity and transparency. You may have been involved in a consultation facilitated by ICIN during the review phase. Recommendations from the review are now being implemented, including legislative changes to the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) Act. The ACCU Review Recommendations can be viewed here: Independent Review of Australian Carbon Credit Units Implementation Plan.

The Australian Government (DCCEEW) has contracted ICIN to independently run workshops to gather First Nations’ input into these recommendations; ICIN is committed to enabling First Nations groups from across Australia to identify key issues, barriers and opportunities in the implementation of these changes and to have a say on how these could best be managed by government. 

Specific recommendations to be discussed in the workshop

Recommendation 11 - The CFI Act to be amended to remove the option to conditionally register ACCU projects on Native Title lands prior to obtaining consent, in alignment with the principles of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC). ICIN advocated for this change. Consent will now be required upfront instead of conditionally over a period of 5-7 years.

Recommendation 5 - Establish a transparent proponent-led process for developing and modifying methods as soon as practicable. This new approach is designed to promote innovation by giving proponents the flexibility to develop or adapt new carbon method approaches. ICIN is keen to hear from First Nations people about what this should look like.  

Other issues to discuss include the phasing out of the Human Induced Regeneration (HIR) method, the development of the Integrated Farm and Land Management (IFLM) method and any other issues raised in preliminary interviews or other workshops.

Indigenous Carbon Industry Network (ICIN)

ICIN is an independent, Indigenous-owned network of Indigenous organisations that run carbon projects or have an interest in producing carbon credits from land and sea management on their Country. ICIN is the peak body for the Indigenous carbon industry. Learn more about

Lastly, please email me at [email protected] if you believe a group or individual should be invited to next week's workshops that hasn't received an invitation. Comments and feedback can be directly emailed to me if none of the workshop times suit. 

Anna, Indigenous Carbon Industry Network