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ICIN Group credit: RIEL Veronica Toral-Granda ICIN

Who we are

The Indigenous Carbon Industry Network (ICIN) is a network of Indigenous-owned organisations that operate across north Australia to develop and deliver carbon projects, mainly through savanna fire management. 

Full members of the Indigenous Carbon Industry Network are Indigenous organisations that either own carbon projects or directly deliver carbon credits.

Associate members of the Indigenous Carbon Industry Network are Indigenous organisations that have an interest in the carbon industry.

Any Indigenous organisation seeking to join the ICIN should contact the Coordinator to access membership information and forms.

Our members are currently producing around 1.2 million carbon credits each year through 35 Indigenous-owned savanna fire management projects and several Indigenous-owned vegetation projects. Collectively, Indigenous organisations delivering these carbon projects have established an industry employing hundreds of Indigenous people in some of Australia's most remote places. The Indigenous carbon industry is generating around $59 million worth of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) annually across northern Australia through the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF), compliance and voluntary markets. (1)

The network is united by our Vision and Core Values.

Our Vision is to promote and facilitate an active, innovative and Indigenous-led carbon industry supporting healthy country and better livelihoods for Indigenous people.

We are:

  • Accessible and Member-driven: We work together to support each other and strive to enable decision-making that reflects the aspirations of members. 
  • Indigenous-led and Empowering: We support more Indigenous voices to be heard and seek to maximise benefits brought by the carbon industry to Indigenous communities. 
  • Respectful: We acknowledge that we all come from different places, yet we seek common ground where we find it. We respect local cultural protocols and are mindful that our industry is grounded in thousands of years of traditional knowledge and practice. 
  • Transparent and Accountable; We are a trusted independent voice for the Indigenous carbon industry.


Terms of Reference

After identifying a key gap in coordination of Indigenous carbon businesses across north Australia; the interim ICIN Steering Committee was established in March 2018 following an inaugural regional industry group meeting at the Savanna Fire & Carbon Forum held in Darwin; with the aim to support Indigenous land managers to participate in emerging carbon industries as fully as possible with a good understanding of its associated risks and benefits by providing a point of contact for knowledge sharing and policy advice.

Steering Committee

The interim ICIN Steering Committee guided the strategy and direction of the ICIN Coordinator during the set-up phase of the network (2018 - 2021) whilst more formal governance structures are put into place. It comprised network members:

  • Kimberley Land Council (Kristina Koenig)
  • ALFA Ltd (Jennifer Ansell)
  • Tiwi Land Council (Willie Rioli)
  • Northern Land Council (Matt Salmon)
  • Warddeken Land Management (Shaun Ansell)
  • Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (Jonathan Green)
  • Wunambal Gaambera AC (Tom Vigilante)

We are grateful to Warddeken Land Management Ltd for hosting the ICIN during its formation stage. This allowed the Coordinator and members time to work together to ensure that ICIN Ltd would be fit for purpose, as well as truly Indigenous owned and led.

We are grateful to Terri Janke and Company for its advice and supporting consultations with members towards formation of the ICIN Ltd Constitution.


ICIN Ltd was registered with ASIC in 2021 as an independent, Indigenous-led not-for-profit owned by its Full Members, all Indigenous organisations that own or directly produce carbon credits.

The ICIN Ltd Board was appointed in September 2021, with the following Directors:

  • Cissy Gore-Birch
  • Dean Yibarbuk
  • Aaron Woolla
  • Catherine Goonack
  • Heidi Mippy
  • Neville Gulay Gulay
  • Abraham Wesan

The network is supported by a Coordinator and part-time Communications Officer.

NOTE ICIN Ltd will be launched at the 1st National Indigenous Carbon Industry Forum, to be held online on February 16, 2022.

See here for further information about the event 


We are grateful for the support of the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources as well as the Northern Territory Government, Queensland Government, Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation and The Nature Conservancy which provide funding to support the network. We are also grateful to the Warddeken Land Management Ltd for its in-kind support through hosting the network.