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Wunambal Gaambera Uunguu Ranger Jeremy Kowan. Credit Mark Jones for WGAC

What we do

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to enable and empower Indigenous people to benefit from carbon markets through their land and sea management practices by supporting an active network of Indigenous organisations working towards an Indigenous-led carbon industry supporting the advancements and aspirations of Indigenous people across Australia. 

The company aims to achieve the purpose(s) by:

1. Promoting Indigenous leadership and empowering Indigenous voices to be represented and Indigenous knowledges, practices and perspectives are represented in the Australian carbon industry;

2. Advocating for an Australian carbon industry that is accessible to Indigenous people, protects and strengthens Indigenous rights, delivers benefits to Indigenous communities and supports healthy country outcomes;

3. Ensuring the interests of the Indigenous carbon industry are represented in public decision-making processes;

4. Promoting best practice standards for Indigenous engagement in the Australian carbon industry, enabling fair business agreements and Indigenous empowerment;

5. Building, promoting and strengthening the reputation of Indigenous carbon credits in Australia and internationally;

6. Building the capacity of Indigenous people to engage in the Australian carbon industry;

7. Supporting the growth of Indigenous Producers and Indigenous Proponents benefiting from the Australian carbon industry;

8. Disseminating information, research, policy and market updates and news about and for the Indigenous carbon industry.