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What we do

Our purpose is to enable and empower Indigenous carbon producers and Traditional Owners of carbon projects to benefit from carbon markets through their land and sea management practices by supporting an active network of Indigenous carbon businesses and supporting agencies. 

We aim to do this by:

  1. Facilitating active, equitable and informed engagement by member organisations through supporting good communication and transparent decision-making processes.
  2. Acting as a trusted and independent point of contact for the Indigenous carbon industry by connecting member organisations with external agencies. 
  3. Enabling Indigenous voices to be better represented in the carbon industry by supporting Indigenous people to tell their story.
  4. Building the capacity of Indigenous people to better engage in the carbon industry through supporting knowledge sharing.
  5. Promoting best-practice standards for Indigenous engagement enabling fair business agreements and Indigenous empowerment.
  6. Advocating for policy settings which support a strong and growing Indigenous carbon industry that is maximising benefits to Indigenous communities.