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Indigenous Carbon Projects Guide

Indigenous-owned carbon projects across Australia are making a huge difference to our lives through creating jobs and supporting opportunities for Indigenous people to care for country. 

The Indigenous Carbon Projects Guide has been developed to ensure that Indigenous groups are well-informed to position themselves to maximise the  benefits from carbon projects for the country and community, and to have their voices heard by government and policy-makers.

The Guide will help Indigenous groups across Australia understand the opportunities and risks of getting involved in the carbon market. Each section of the guide focuses on a different aspect of the business, which may be download individually:

1. What is Climate Change 2. What is a Carbon Market? 3. Emissions Reduction Fund Overview 4. Emission Reduction Fund methods 5. Running a carbon project 

 7. Free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) 8. Planning a carbon project - feasibility 9. Planning a carbon project - governance 10. Understanding co-benefits 11. Keeping Your Story Strong 12. Industry Terminology

Or download the complete Indigenous Carbon Projects Guide here:

Indigenous Carbon Projects Guide











The Guide has been reviewed by the Clean Energy Regulator to ensure the information is correct at the time of publishing. ICIN will continue to review and update to reflect changing policies and markets.