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Sarah Parriman | Director Indigenous Carbon Industry Network

Sarah Parriman is a proud Aboriginal woman of Yawuru and Jabirr Jabirr descent. She is an ICIN Director and Deputy CEO of the Kimberley Land Council, a peak Aboriginal representative body in the region, playing an integral role supporting the strong corporate governance and operations of the organisation. She is passionate advocate for Aboriginal advancement, self-determination and decision making, Sarah believes that Aboriginal people can achieve self-determination by leveraging their native title rights and interests through both economic and social mechanisms.  Aboriginal people and communities need to have the ability to choose how best to govern and enrich their own lives. Great things can be achieved when our people and communities are involved in driving change.  With more than 97 per cent of the Kimberley native title determined, Sarah is humbled to know she has played a part in achieving this outcome and creating meaningful opportunities for future generations. With her own career and experience benefitting from the support and mentoring of strong Kimberley Aboriginal leaders, Sarah is committed to empowering others, particularly young Aboriginal women, to step outside their comfort zone, step in to new spaces and to lean in to the challenges. She looks forward to continuing her leadership journey with such important organisations like ICIN and the KLC, working to advance the rights of Aboriginal people in the Kimberley through getting back country, looking after country and getting control of the future.