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ICIN Associate Membership

An organisation is eligible to become an associate member if:

(i) they are an Indigenous Land Council,

(ii) they are an Indigenous organisation interested in or aspiring to engage in the Indigenous carbon industry,

(iii) they are an Indigenous carbon trader or broker,

(iv) they are an Indigenous organisation supporting the Indigenous carbon industry,

(vi) the board determines in their absolute discretion that the organisation should be an associate member.

Associate members are entitled to receive notices and attend meetings of members.

Associate members are not entitled to vote or be appointed as a director.

Please refer to the ICIN Ltd Constitution for further information. Before you begin, please ensure you have a document showing written evidence of your status as an Indigenous organisation ready to upload, along with your organisation's logo and a description of your organisation to hand.


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Please consider the size, turnover and capacity of your organisation and nominate your membership fee category.


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