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Kimberley Fire practices featured in recent edition of the Griffith Review

In a world with an ever changing climate, what can we do to make our world a more sustainable place? That is the question that is explored in the latest edition of the Griffith Review. The latest edition of the Griffith Review (Griffith Review 71) was released last month, and the theme of the publication is "Remaking the Balance".

The return of Indigenous fire practices and cultural land management was one of the key highlights of the most recent edition, and many rangers from the Kimberley featured very prominently in showcasing their fire practices. Not only do Indigenous fire practices help reduce some of the worsening effects of climate change, but as "Remaking the Balance" showcases, Indigenous fire practices also help to maintain strong cultural links to country.

You can purchase the latest edition of the Griffith Review here. A podcast is also available and you can listen to the excerpts of the podcast (including interviews with rangers and fire managers) here.

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