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National Indigenous Carbon Forum

On the 16th and 17th of May 2023, ICIN held the National Indigenous Carbon Forum. This event was exclusively for Indigenous only participants and Non-Indigenous people representing Indigenous organisations. 

Building on the success of the recent North Australia Savanna Fire Forum, the national forum provided a place to share knowledge and improve understanding of Indigenous rights and interests in carbon across Australia and develop opportunities for Aboriginal people to actively manage their country. With a strong emphasis on Indigenous-led discussions, the forum featured presentations from across the industry, from Indigenous rangers and land managers to scientists, policymakers and market specialists.

This year's theme: Exploring Opportunities, Defining Our Rights



Many thanks to this year's speakers: 

  • The Hon. Chris Bowen MP, Minister for Climate Change and Energy
  • Dean Yibarbuk (Gurrgoni), Co-Chair ICIN
  • Cissy Gore-Birch (Jaru/Kija), Co-Chair ICIN
  • Cassandra Stevens (Kullili), Kullili-Bulloo
  • Heidi Mippy (Noongar-Yamatji), Noongar Enterprises
  • Suzanne Thompson (Iningai), YACHATDAC
  • Sarah Parriman (Bardi), Kimberley Land Council
  • Debbie Symonds (Olkola), Olkola Aboriginal Corporation
  • Leisa Wahlin (Kalkadoon), NeoMar
  • Rowan Foley, (Butchella) Aboriginal Carbon Foundation
  • Barry Hunter (Djabugay), NAILSMA
  • Oliver Costello (Bundjalung), Jugun Alliance AC
  • Sherie Bruce (Arrente), Indigenous Carbon Industry Network
  • Emily Gerrard, Comhar Legal
  • John Connor, Carbon Market Institute
  • Jennifer Bradley, Clean Energy Regulator
  • Alannah Pentony, Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water
  • Amelia Selles, QLD Government Land Restoration Fund
  • Sherie Bruce, ICIN Science Advisor