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November Update from the Network

ICIN's 2nd Annual General Meeting 

ICIN Ltd held its second Annual General Meeting on Larrakia Country (Darwin), and online, on 24 October with 25 people in attendance, including representatives from 15 of ICIN's 25 members. Reflecting on the year's work and the unique and essential role of ICIN, Co-Chair Cissy Gore-Birch emphasised:

"ICIN members need to have strong voices, this is a controversial space, we're talking about land, economic development and representation of people's voices. This is the role of ICIN, to make sure our members are represented. To speak up and support ICIN member organisations to have strong voices on opportunities and risks, especially when dealing with policy," said Cissy.

Outcomes of the meeting included: 

  • Teddy Bernard and Suzanne Thompson were formally appointed as ICIN Directors by Members. Teddy brings governance and leadership experience as a Councillor of the Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council. Suzanne brings vibrant communication skills, land management experience, authentic leadership and a deep understanding of navigating cross-cultural spaces. 
  • Director Tyronne Garstone stepped down from the ICIN Board but will remain engaged in the network through his role as CEO of the Kimberley Land Council, we thank him for his significant contribution to ICIN. Sarah Parriman was appointed by Members to fill the vacant position. Sarah brings significant governance, facilitation and leadership experience through her role as Deputy CEO of the Kimberley Land Council.
  • The ICIN Strategic Business Plan was formally endorsed.
  • Members appointed Merit Partners as Auditors for the 2023-24 year.
  • The Audited Financial Statements 2022-23 were formally accepted by the Board.

Cissy thanked CEO Anna Boustead for her amazing work, commitment and dedication to the network right up until the very last minute, and wished her all the best for her maternity leave. ICIN looks forward to welcoming Anna back in July 2024.

Pictured below: Dean Yibarbuk, Anna Boustead and Teddy Bernard at the AGM.  

Strategic Business Plan 2023-2026

With funding from the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (ILSC), ICIN has developed and launched its Strategic Business Plan (2023-2026). This important document outlines ICIN's position in the Indigenous carbon industry, values (member-driven, Indigenous-led and empowering), and the impact of ICIN's members on Country, culture, community and economic wellbeing. The document outlines the network's five strategic pillars and corresponding key objectives, to guide efforts and work plans over the next three years. We invite those interested to access the plan on our website. 

ICIN's five strategic pillars:

  1. Indigenous groups across Australia are well-informed about the carbon industry
  2. A growing Indigenous-led carbon industry supporting self-determination and hundreds of jobs for First Nations people
  3. Full recognition of Indigenous rights to carbon in policy and practice
  4. Promote Indigenous owned projects
  5. Build long-term capability and financial sustainability of the ICIN to ensure it can meet members needs in the long term

Hot off the press: ICIN launches its 2022-2023 Annual Report

The Annual Report highlights the network’s impressive achievements from the first year ICIN Ltd took on independent operations. We thank the Board of Directors for guiding the network through this new and exciting stage of development, having grown from the seed planted by the original Steering Committee following four years of hosting by Warddeken Land Management.

Achievements include contributing to the Independent ACCU Review through a submission, supporting a First Nations consultation and successfully advocating for the removal of Conditional Registration (a clause which enabled a carbon project to be registered on Native Title lands without the knowledge and consent of native title holder for 5-7 years). 

The network has been involved in various ways, including running consultations  and workshops with our members, to inform the development of the following carbon farming methods: Savanna Fire Management, Integrated Farm and Land Management, Feral Ungulate and Blue Carbon. 

We thank the incredible people contributing time and expertise through our member organisations, as well as staff and advisors who contributed throughout the year. 

Meet the ICIN team: Interim CEO Jann Crase and Communications Manager Clare Price 

The ICIN Board are pleased to welcome Jann Crase to the role of Interim CEO (pictured below left with Anna). Jann brings a wealth of experience in Indigenous community engagement, policy and science to the role. 

As the Co-Chair of ICIN, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Jann Crase to the role of ICIN Interim CEO. We are looking forward to working with Jann in her role to support the network over the next year," ICIN Co-Chair Cissy Gore-Birch.

ICIN CEO contact details remain the same: [email protected].

Clare Price (pictured below right) has taken on the role of Communications Manager. Clare is experienced in working in cross-cultural spaces and in the carbon industry. She has a deep respect for the critical work of Indigenous land and sea managers and is looking forward to providing communications support to members and sharing incredible stories from across the network. 

ICIN Communications Manager contact details: [email protected].