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Suzanne Thompson | Director Indigenous Carbon Industry Network

Suzanne Thompson, Director ICIN and Founder/Managing Director, Yambangku Aboriginal Cultural Heritage & Tourism Development Aboriginal Corporation (YACHATDAC). Suzanne is proud of her ancestral bloodlines as an Iningai Aboriginal woman and is brimming with knowledge of her culture, Australian history, and innovative ways to share her passions with others in a respectful and contemporary way. On her property Turraburra in Central Qld, YACHATDAC leads a pilot Land Restoration Fund HIR carbon project ‘Murra Yambangku’. The project incorporates sustainable management practices including: responsible grazing, cultural/ & ecotourism, native seed & plant sales and using Turraburra for sustainable research and monetisation of ecosystem services. Suzanne Thompson was appointed as the First Nations member of the Emissions Reduction Assurance Committee (ERAC) in November 2023. The ERAC is the statutory body responsible for ensuring the integrity of Australia’s carbon crediting scheme. Suzanne’s other roles include Member of Landcare Australia’s Indigenous Landcare Working Group, Chair of Australian Native Foods and Botanicals and Indigenous Engagement Director, Nature Positive Cooperative Research Centre.